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It has been a busy few months. It seems that summer is busier than any other time of year and that is without taking a vacation. But it is time to slow down and get closer to God. We have traded our time with God for our business of life.

I remember a lecturer I heard that said you need to put the most important things first and everything else will fall into place. What are the most important and biggest rocks in your life...did you mention church, your walk with God, your salvation through Jesus Christ, your family with the church family? In that split second of your mind what has truly kept you too busy for God.

It is important to sometimes stop and evaluate where we put the most important things in our lives. Unfortunately when we realize what has made it to the top it is not what you want there.

You are missed, you are needed,
you are a child of God. Maybe it's
 time to stop and put what is
important first again.

God Bless!
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24 Hours of Prayer - January 2016
For those who are praying from home please click the button below. You will find the Prayer Times for those who signed up for specific times and you will will find the Prayer List. The Prayer List is all the prayers that were submitted.

God bless!!